Archived news from 2011

14 Nov 2011:

31 Oct 2011:

The national seminar was held this weekend, and was immensely satisfying! Pictures will be uploaded soon!

18 Oct 2011:

Our application to the Swedish Kendo Federation was granted, so the club is now officially a member of the Swedish Kendo Federation and the Swedish Budo Federation!

9 Oct 2011:

The instructors have practised their handicraft skills. Now there are rubber bows for the beginners!

16 Sep 2011:

The club had its first practice session in Uppsävjaskolan!

6 Sep 2011:

The club is registered at the local tax office with the registration number 802461-5323.

28 Aug 2011:

We have started a kyudo club in Uppsala!

As soon as we get all formalities dispensed with, we hope to be able to offer practice with somewhat higher regularity, and also to offer beginner classes in due course. Until then we invite you to peruse our site, and to contact us with any questions you might have.