17 December 2015:

Join the final class of autumn term on Friday 18 December! Spring term begins on Friday 8 JanuarY 2016! Welcome!

5 December 2015:

Congratulations to our newly kyu-graded members Erik Bergkvist och Elisabeth Jansson, who passed the examination for 2 kyu in Linköping!

11 October 2015:

The club was extremely successful during this year's Swedish National Championships! In the team competition, team
Issha 1 (Emma Angberg, Monica Lundström and Knut Högvall) won the silver medals after a tie-break round for the silver/bronze medals against Seikyukai 1, and then Knut Högvall won the individual championship title, this also after a tie-break round, this time for the gold medal itself.

Other club members also carried themselves well - Johan Andersson also qualified for the individual finals, and, since seven people fought over the final two places in the finals, there was a qualifier tie-break. Monica Lundström, Anders Olofsson and Svante Ramstedt all took part in the tie-break, but in the end only Monica managed to qualify.

In all - a brilliant result for Issha Kyudo Kai!

28 August 2015:

Liam O'Brien, 7 dan kyoshi, † 28 August 2015


13 August 2015:

The Swedish National Championships will be held on Saturday 10 October. As last year, it will be Seikyukai who arrange the affair in Stockholm. Click the image below for more information.

16 July 2015:

Remember summer keiko every Wednesday at Johannesbäcksskolan 6.30-9.30 PM until 12 August!

The regular autumn term practice begins on Friday 28 August.

14 July 2015:

Congratulations to our new dan grades - Svante Ramstedt, Kari Jansson and Johan Andersson 1 dan, and Jörgen Falk 2 dan!

2 July 2015:

The diplomas have arrived!

17 May 2015:

Congratulations to our newly kyu-graded members - Erik Bergkvist, Anirban Bhattacharyya, Anders Olofsson and Agneta Häll 3 kyu, Inger Fredriksson 2 kyu, and Klas Jönsson 1 kyu!

23 April 2015:

Seikyukai will host this year's second kyu grading and the third instalment of the Swedish Cup on 16 May in Gubbängshallen in Stockholm. For more information, click the image bleow.

17 April 2015:

Congratulations to our new dan grades—Knut Högvall 3 dan and Monica Lundström 3 dan! More kimono in the dojo!

16 April 2015:

Five Swedes attended this year's Asia-Oceania seminar in Nagoya, Japan, among them Knut and Monica from our dojo. It was a highly rewarding seminar with many high-graded sensei, among them Honda sensei—the only one who has won The Emperor's Cup five times!

25 March2015:

The 2015 AGM is over. Svante Ramstedt is our new board member, after Monica Lundström who has resigned. Thank you Monica for all your hard work in the board!

12 March 2015:

Here is the invitation to the 2015 AGM. Click the image to read:

11 March 2015:

It is time to register for the annual spring seminar with Ray Dolphin sensei, 6 dan kyoshi, in Uppsala on 9-10 May. You can find more information and the registration form by clicking the images below.

8 March 2015:

Congratulations to our new kyu grades – Kari Jansson 1 kyu and Svante Ramstedt 1 kyu! And to Knut Högvall who claimed the bronze medal at the Swedish Cup!

3 March 2015:

The AGM is held Wednesday 25 March in the dojo in Flogstaskolan. A formal invitation will be sent out by mail shortly.

9 February 2015:

The first national kyu examination of 2015 and the second installment of the Swedish Cup are scheduled for 7-8 March in the Shimbukan dojo in Skellefteå. Click the image below for more information.

7 January 2015:

The spring term starts! Yay!