29 September 2021

Practice is cancelled Wednesday 6 October and Friday 8 October due to renovation work in the hall.

21 September 2021

Today, our own Kari Jansson was appointed the new national team coach. Linda Inthivong Wohlin continues as national team manager. Congratulations!

17 September 2021

Congratulations to George Cheng who passed his 2 kyu examination with flying colours!

11 August 2021

Friday 27 August is the 10th anniversary of Issha Kyudo Kai, which we'll celebrate a bit extra during practice. Be sure to join!

10 August 2021

The autumn term starts on Friday 20 August. We will also start accepting beginners again, a bit later in September. Note the slightly changed hours on Fridays 7.00pm - 9.30pm. There will still be a short break in the middle, but members will have to bring their own refreshments.

1 June 2021

The restrictions have been lifted, and we can practice as normal again. Summer practice is held every Wednesday 6.30pm-8.30pm at Johannesbäcksskolan. When the autumn term rolls around we hope everything will be back to normal, and that we can also start accepting beginners again.

3 February 2021

The Swedish national team for the European Championships in France 1-2 July has now been selected, and almost the entire gold medal-winning team from our own dojo got the nod. Knut Högvall, Christine Alveblad, and Kari Jansson from Issha Kyudo Kai are part of the national team, plus Per Ybo from Hokushinkan. Congratulations and good luck!

5 January 2021

Happy New Year! The tightened restrictions are still in force. All practice is suspended until further notice.


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