1 July 2020

Autumn term begins Friday 21 August. The hours are the same as usual, i.e. Wednesdays 8.00pm-10.00pm, and Fridays 6.30pm-9.30pm. Welcome!

20 April 2020

The board has decided to resume limited practice. To begin with, once a week on Wednesdays. All members should have received an email with more information.

3 April 2020

The Kendo Federation has decided to suspend all national activities until after the summer. Because of this, we are forced to announce that the May seminar is cancelled.

25 March 2020

The preparations for the May seminar proceed as normal, for now, pending a coming decision from the Kendo federation on 15 April regarding any changes in nation-wide restrictions.

13 March 2020

Effective immediately, due to the corona virus outbreak, the board has decided to suspend all practice, to start with for the rest of March. The AGM is also postponed until a later date.

The examination and competition that were planned for 28 March are also cancelled.

19 February 2020

Here is information about and the application form for this spring's Nordic seminar with Sigurðsson sensei 7 dan kyoshi and Zimmermann sensei 6 dan kyoshi on 23-24 May. Click the download icons in the images below to open the files.

17 February 2020

Here is the invitation to the next kyu examination and the Swedish Cup part 2 on 28 March. Click the download icon in the image below to open the PDF file.

3 February 2020

The spring Nordic seminar with Sigurðsson sensei 7 dan kyoshi and Zimmermann sensei 6 dan kyoshi will be held 23-24 May. Note the date in your calendar! Invitiations will be sent out shortly.

23 January 2020

A new year and a new term! The same practice hours as usual—Wednesdays 8.00pm-10.00pm and Fridays 6.30pm-9.30pm.


9 December 2019

Our members showed their mettle again during the past weekend. On Saturday, Chigusa Suma took the gold and Knut Högvall the bronze medals in the Swedish Cup, which was held during the Martial Arts Festival at the Stockholm Fair, and on Sunday Chigusa also landed the silver medal at the 100 Arrows Challenge! Congratulations to the both of you!


6 December 2019

Congratulations to Chigusa Suma who passed the test for 2 dan!

15 November 2019

Congratulations to Agnes Sjöblom who passed the test for 3 kyu at the kyu examination on 15 November!

9 November 2019

The club scored big at this year's National Championships that were held in Gamlishallen in Uppsala. Issha took the team silver (Johan Andersson, Anna van der Heiden, Arash Källmark) and team bronze (Christine Alveblad, Fredrik Karlström, Knut Högvall) as well as the individual bronze through Knut Högvall.

In the Swedish Cup, that was held concurrently, Knut Högvall extended his already uncatchable lead to finish with the total gold for 2019.

Congratulations to all participants!

Final result National Championships:


Gold - Seikyukai
Silver - Issha
Bronze - Issha


Gold - Per Ybo, Hokushinkan
Silver - Vladimir Cvetkovic, Seikyukai
Bronze - Knut Högvall, Issha

Final standings Swedish Cup:

Knut Högvall


Uwe Klosa


Juha Lagerberg


Vladimir Cvetkovic


Kari Jansson


Thomas Oscarsson


Per Ybo


Christine Alveblad


Ingemar Karlsson


Rolf Svensson


Johan Andersson


Erika Ek


Arash Källmark


Laszlo Hennyey


Fredrik Karlström


Linda Wohlin


Lars Bergerwall


Anna van der Heiden



29 October 2019

The club will host the next national kyu examination, during our regular class on Friday 15 November. Click here for more information.

29 October 2019

The club will be present at the Martial Arts Festival in Årstamässan on 7-8 December. Click here for more information.

10 September

This year's Swedish National Championships will be held in Gamlishallen in Uppsala Saturday 9 November. However, the event is hosted by the Seikyukai dojo from Stockholm.

21 August 2019

Unfortunately, the start of the autumn term has to be moved to Wednesday 11 September because they have not yet finished laying the new floor in the hall.

In the meantime, use the opportunity to vist our outdoor dojo in Ekebyboda.

15 July 2019

Congratulations to Anna Kviselius and Inger Fredriksson, who both passed their 2 dan examinations in Poznan!

15 June 2019

Today saw a kyu examination and the third installment of the Swedish Cup in Vänge. Congratulations to Fredrik Karlström for passing 1 kyu!

In the competition, Knut Högvall from Issha took the silver after three tie-break rounds against Uwe Klosa from Hokushinkan. Juha Lagerberg from Shimbukan took the bronze medal. After three installments, Knut now leads the total cup with 27 points, ahead of Uwe at 20 points.

14 June 2019

Today was the final practice of the spring term, with the traditional Club Championships. Kari Jansson took his second title, ahead of Knut Högvall on second and Christine Alveblad on third place. Congratulations! After the competition, we all visited the Ragusa restaurant for dinner and general merriment.

2 June 2019

The European Championships in Milan are over. Sweden did not do too well, but Denmark surprised everyone by clinching the individual gold medal, thanks to Jonas Ryssel. Congratulations!


27 May 2019

Swedish National Television were filming at the Ethnographical Museum for a segment in the TV sports section. When/if the segment will ever be shown is another question entirely...


19 May 2019

The seminar in Uppsala with Zimmermann sensei, 6 dan kyoshi, is over. There were 29 participants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland who practiced together and had an overall nice time. We hope to invite sensei back again nest year.


15 April 2019

The IKYF seminar in Taiwan is over. Issha showed its mettle again through Knut Högvall, who shared third place in the shakai held between seminar I and II. Congratulations!

19 March 2019

AGM held. The board for the coming year looks as follows:

Chairman: Knut Högvall

Secretary: Fredrik Karlström

Treasurer: Christine Alveblad

Member: Svante Ramstedt

Member: Anna van der Heiden

22 February 2019

Now you can also find us on Instagram! Follow us there: isshakyudokai

21 February 2019

Below is more information about the seminars in Poland and Germany this summer. Click the images to open the PDF files.

13 February 2019

Helin is moving to Portugal! Good luck, and come back soon!


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8 February 2019

No practice on Friday 5 April, as the hall is rented out to other activities.

22 January 2019

The AGM will be held on the 15 March 2019. See PDF below. Welcome!

4 January 2019

Spring term begins today! Welcome!