News from 2016

10 December 2016

Congratulations to Christine Alveblad, Ragnvald Hedemann, Lyon Lee, Helin Ciftci, and Kajsa Holmberg who all passed their 3 kyu examinations today.

28 November 2016

Don't forget to sign up for the seminar with Dolphin sensei and Le Guyader sensei at Bosön on 14-15 January! Final date for application is 7 December. More information and application form below:

16 November 2016

The first beginners' class of the spring term starts Wednesday 18 January. Click here for more information.

16 November 2016

Final practice of the autumn term is on Wednesday 21 December. Fun and games!

And then spring term 2017 begins on Wednesday 11 January.

29 October 2016

After an exciting National Championship weekend, the club has come home with a whole bunch of medals. In the team event, there were tie-breaks for all medals. Issha fought for the silver against Kenshou, and when the dust had settled, Issha had won the day and took second place. The Issha team consisted of Knut Högvall, Johan Andersson and Ingemar Karlsson.

The individual finals also had tie-breaks for all medals. This time, the fight for the bronze was between our own Knut Högvall and Ingemar Karlsson. After four(!) tie-break rounds, Knut finally carried home the bronze medal.

In the Swedish Cup, finally, Knut ended up in total second place and won the silver medal for the 2016 season.

Congratulations to all our brave shooters!

10 September 2016

Pictures from our demonstration at the Kulturnatten event. Click to see larger images.

1 September 2016

Full page in the local newspaper about our upcoming demonstration next Saturday.

31 August 2016

The club celebrated its 5th anniversary in the dojo today, with a nice mix of oldtimers and beginners. Here's looking at another five years. Click the images to open the gallery.

28 August 2016

The club celebrates its 5th anniversary! Come and join the celebrations in the dojo on Wednesday!

8 August 2016

Time flies, and soon the autumn term starts. Wednesday 24 August is the date to remember! (Until then, there is summer practice as usual every Wednesday.)

7 August 2016

The results from the examinations in Amsterdam are in, and we can congratulate the following members for their new, shiny dan gradesr: Ingemar Karlsson 4 dan, Johan Andersson 2 dan, and Elisabeth Jansson and Klas Jönsson to 1 dan. Congratulations!

25 July 2016

A number of our members are going down to Amsterdam to join the ANKF seminars and do their best on the examinations. We wish everybody the best of luck!

5 June 2016

Congratulations to our new kyu grade holders - Anders Olofsson och Inger Fredriksson - who both passed the 1 kyu examination in Stockholm on 5 June. Congratulations are also due to Knut Högvall who won the gold medal at the Swedish Cup competition.

27 May 2016

Out first official club championship has been held! Historic first winner was Kari Jansson, followed by Knut Högvall and Emma Angberg, who had to shoot three extra rounds to split the silver and bronze medals between them. Congratulations to the medallists, and to all participants!

19 May 2016

The glossary has been extensively revised and updated.

4 May 2016

On Friday 27 May, practice is in Gamlishallen, and we begin with setting the place in order for the seminar. Sensei usually joins the practice, so take the chance for some extra instruction!

4 May 2016

On Friday 27 May there will be the first official club championship! Everybody can join, and there will be impressive medals for the winners!

4 May 2016

Friday 10 June is the final practice for the spring term. We will practice until the break, and then we will go to some nearby restaurant for a bite to eat.

4 May 2016

Summer practice will be held as usual on Wednesdays in Johannesbäcksskolan 6.30PM-9.30PM. If the weather allows, we will try to practice outdoors as much as possible. This year the summer practice is free!

4 May 2016

Autumn term begins Wednesday 24 August.

20 April 2016

Congratulations to our new dan holders - Kari Jansson and Svante Ramstedt - who both passed the 2 dan examination at the 5th Asia-Oceania Seminar in Nagoya.

7 April 2016

It is time to register for the annual spring seminar with Ray Dolphin sensei, 6 dan kyoshi, in Uppsala on 21-22 May. You can find more information and the registration form by clicking the images below.

2 April 2016

Congratulations to our newly kyu-graded members - Erik Bergkvist and Elisabeth Jansson - who passed the examination for 1 kyu in Uppsala! In the Swedish Cup, Knut and Jörgen fought for the bronze medal, which was finally won by Knut. Congratulations to all involved!

14 March 2016

Don't forget the AGM on Wednesday 16 March in the dojo!

2 March 2016

The club will host this year's first kyu examination and the second installment of the Swedish Cup on 2 April in Bolandsskolan. Click the image below for more information.

11 February 2016

The spring seminar with Dolphin sensei will be 21-22 May in Gamlishallen. Information will be sent out later, but book the date in your calendars now.

1 February 2016

Practice next week (10 and 12 February) will focus on how to care for your (and the club's) equipment.

1 February 2016

The next beginners' class starts on Wednesday 17 February in Flogstaskolan. More info here.

7 January 2016

Tomorrow is the big day! Term starts in Johannesbäcksskolan on Friday 8 January! Don't you dare miss it!