News from 2017

20 December 2017

The autumn term was concluded with a Santa shoot. When the gruesome business was over, the bounty was shared by all present. Knut won, ahead of Kari and Kajsa.

Merry Christmas!

16 December 2017

Congratulations to Anna van der Heiden and Fredrik Karlström, who both passed the examination for 3 kyu on 16 December in Stockholm.

Congratulations too to Knut Högvall who took the bronze medal in the Swedish Cup that was held at the same time.

7 December 2017

Here is updated information about the upcoming World Championships in Tokyo in April 2018. I.a, it is now allowed to compete in both the team and individual events, should you so desire. Click the image below to open the PDF.

6 November 2017

The next kyu examination and the first installment of the Swedish Cup 2018 are held on Saturday 16 December in Skarpnäckshallen in Stockholm. For more information, click the image below.

14 October 2017

This year's Swedish National Championships are at an end. This year, too, our members carried away some of the finest medals. In the team competition, the two Issha teams unfortunately didn't finish in the medals—the team gold went to Seikyukai, the silver to Kenshou, and the bronze to Hokushinkan. But in the individual finals, things brightened up considerably—Knut Högvall took the gold medal ahead of Jan Graaf from Kenshou who got the silver, and Anke Johannmeyer from Hokushinkan who got the bronze.

As Knut was already leading the table in the Swedish Cup before the Nationals, the win in the Nationals meant that he also got the gold in the Swedish Cup 2017. The silver went to Anke Johannmeyer from Hokushinkan, and the bronze to Arne Högberg from Seikyukai.

Congratulations to all medallists, and a big thank you to all officials and others who helped make this year's Nationals a big success!

18 September 2017

There are pictures uploaded from the demonstration at the Kulturnatten event. You can see a few samples below. To see all images, go to Pics.

18 August 2017

On 14 October it's time for the Swedish National Championships. This year they are organised by us in Issha Kyudo Kai. The venue will be Gamlishallen, where the national seminars are held. For more information, click the PDF file below.

31 July 2017

Soon August is upon us, summer is drawing to a close (did it ever begin?), and soon the autumn term will begin. The regular practice starts again on Wednesday 16 August. Note that as of this autumn, practice is in Johannesbäcksskolan also on Wednesdays, and at new hours: 8.00pm-10.00pm. Friday practice is as usual, i.e. 6.30pm-9.30pm.

23 July 2017

Congratulations to all club members who passed their respective dan examinations i Telford - Helin Ciftci, Kajsa Holmberg, Christine Alveblad, Leon Lee, and Inger Fredriksson to 1 dan, Svante Ramstedt to 3 dan, and Knut Högvall to 4 dan! Good job!

17 July 2017

After six years of loading/unloading our equipment before and after every single class to transport it between our two different dojo, this coming term the city council have finally granted us training times in the big hall for all our classes! Since we have access to a storage room in the big hall, this means no more carrying equipment in and out of the cars! Less time to set up and break down the dojo every class = more effective time for practice. Here's hoping they'll let us stay for the foreseeable future.

21 June 2017

The results from the third instalment of the Swedish Cup on 18 June in Vänge (click the link below). Three of our members (Knut Högvall, Jörgen Falk, and Christine Alveblad) finished in the points and advance in the standings.

The combined standings is still a very open affair, with seven shooters from four dojo still with a mathematical chance at the overall title at the finals in October.

Link to the results

18 June 2017

At the Swedish Cup in Vänge on 18 June, Knut Högvall was once again involved in extra rounds for the medals. This time, however, Arne Högberg from Seikyukai won the day, and Knut had to make do with the silver medal. The bronze went to Jan Graaf from Kenshou. Congratulations all around!

18 June 2017

Congratulations to our newest kyu gradesAnna Svensson to 3 kyu, and Christine Alveblad, Helin Ciftci, Kajsa Holmberg, and Leon Lee to 1 kyu. Good job!

There are more pics from the examination in the gallery.

15 June 2017

It is time to start deciding whether you will be wanting to go to Japan for the dan examinations next year. Since the World Championships will be held concurrently, there will be no European seminar in the summer. So the only possibility for dan examinations during 2018 will be in Japan.

Click the image below for more information.

11 June 2017

The European Championships in kyudo were held during the weekend in Frankfurt, Germany. Sweden 1, with the club members Knut Högvall and Ingemar Karlsson, finished 13th. Sweden 2 finished 17th. Better luck next time!

2 June 2017

The Club Championships were held during the final class of spring term on Friday 2 June. As usual, Knut and Ingemar had to use extra rounds to separate them. After two extra rounds, Knut emerged victorious, Ingemar got the silver, and behind the two leaders Christine squeezed past the competition and took the bronze medal. A first medal of many? Congratulations to the winners, and to all participants.

After the competition, everybody went out for a bit to eat and general rejoicing.

22 May 2017

The Club Championships are moved to the final class of the term on Friday 2 June, so there will be the competition first, and then we will go out together for a bite to eat.

22 May 2017

Summer practice will be held as usual all summer on Wednesdays in Johannesbäcksskolan 6.30 pm-9.30 pm. If the weather allows, we may head out to Ekebyboda.

22 May 2017

Autumn term starts Wednesday 16 August.

8 May 2017

Final class of the term is on Friday 2 June. The plan is to practice half the class, and then go out together for a bit to eat at some nearby place. Book the date in your calendar!

8 May 2017

The next national kyu examination and the third round of the Swedish Cup will be held on Sunday 18 June in Vänge. Click the images below for more information.

8 May 2017

The Club Championships are drawing closer.  They will be held on 19 May. Everybody who can shoot at 28 meters can participate. Shiny medals to the winners!

11 April 2017

On Friday 14 April, we host our traditional extra long Good Friday practice, at 10.00am - 2.00pm. In the middle of the day, so you still have the evening free for any Easter activities you may have planned. Bring something to eat during the break. Open dojo, it is free, and everybody is welcome!

2 April 2017

Congratulations to our new kyu grades - Christine Alveblad, Helin Ciftci, Kajsa Holmberg, and Lyon Lee - who all passed 2 kyu with flying colours at the national kyu examination. It was a sight to behold!

Congratulations are also due Jörgen Falk and Knut Högvall, who took the gold and silver medals, respectively, at the Swedish Cup that was held on the same day. After a shaky start, both Jörgen and Knut scored a kaichu in the second round, and thereby managed to squeeze past the competition.

29 March 2017

The new board elected at the AGM consists of:

Knut Högvall - chairman

Emma Angberg/Christine Alveblad - treasurer

Lyon Lee - secretary

Svante Ramberg - member

Kajsa Holmberg - substitute

3 March 2017

The AGM is moved to Wednesday 29 March.

6 February 2017

The dates are finally set for the ANKF seminars in England in July. They are:

A seminar (yondan and up): 12-15 July

C seminar (mudan and shodan): 16-19 July

B seminar (nidan and sandan): 20-23 July

6 February 2017

Firstly, Friskvårdskuponger has changed name to Min Friskvård. Secondly, the club now also accepts vouchers from Actiway, which is the council's new partner. Click the images below to go to their respective sites.

6 February 2017

Here is information and the application form for this year's first national kyu examination and the second instalment of the Swedish Cup on 2 April 2017. Click the documents to open.

1 February 2017

This year's first national kyu examination and the second instalment of the Swedish Cup 2017 will be held on 2 April at Västra Stenhagenskolan in Uppsala. More information will follow later.

1 February 2017

Unfortunately, there will be no seminar with Dolphin sensei in Uppsala in May. Sensei is too busy with first the EKF Taikai in June, and then the ANKF seminars in July. We hope for another date, but it will be sometime after summer, at the earliest.

10 January 2017

Spring term starts tomorrow! 7.00pm in Flogstaskolan—don't miss it!