4 December 2020

The Uppsala city council has tightened the Covid restrictions further—no-one born before 2005 is allowed in the council facilities—and we are therefore forced to cancel all remaining classes this year. There is as yet no indication how long these tightened restrictions will apply.

21 October 2020

Due to the increased Covid-19 restrictions in Uppsala, the board has decided to postpone the planned AGM that was to have been held on Friday 23 October. The board is looking into a later date, or a possible online solution.

17 October 2020

The Swedish Championships and the finals of the Swedish Cup were held this Saturday in Gamlishallen in Uppsala. Issha caried home a whole bunch of medals. In the team competition, Issha took the gold medal through Knut Högvall, Fredrik Karlström, and Christine Alveblad (with Kari Jansson as substitute). Since this was the first team title for the club, it was that much more satisfying. Then, in the the individual event, it took tie-breaks to separate all three medals. When it was all over, Issha had taken home both the silver medal through Kari Jansson, and the bronze medal through Joe Meelis. Finally, in the Swedish Cup, Knut Högvall took the already decided gold medal, with Kari Jansson taking the bronze.

Congratulations all round, and now we all have something to prove next year!


13 September 2020

Swedish Cup 3 finished. Issha’s Knut Högvall took the silver medal, between Vladimir Cvetcovic and Rolf Svensson, both from Seikyukai. Also from Issha, Christine Alveblad got 6 points, and Joe Meelis 4.

In the total cup, Knut is now ahead of the pack with an uncatchable 12 points, with a fourth and final meet happening in October. However, everybody with at least 5 points in total are still in the fight for the other medals.

Congratulations all round!


29 August 2020

Congratulations to George Cheng who passed 3 kyu with flying colours at the examination in Vänge! The club also did well at the second installment of the Swedish Cup that was held concurrently, where Knut Högvall took the gold and Kari Jansson the silver. The bronze went to Uwe Klosa of Hokushinkan. Congratulations all round!


22 August 2020

The Swedish Championships 2020 will be held in Gamlishallen in Uppsala on Saturday 17 October. See invitation below.

10 August 2020

There will be a kyu examination and installment 3 of the Swedish Cup in Stockholm on Sunday 13 September. More information will follow.

10 August 2020

There will be a kyu examination and installment 2 of the Swedish Cup in Vänge on Saturday 29 August. Invitation and more information in the document below.

1 July 2020

Autumn term begins Friday 21 August. The hours are the same as usual, i.e. Wednesdays 8.00pm-10.00pm, and Fridays 6.30pm-9.30pm. Welcome!

20 April 2020

The board has decided to resume limited practice. To begin with, once a week on Wednesdays. All members should have received an email with more information.

3 April 2020

The Kendo Federation has decided to suspend all national activities until after the summer. Because of this, we are forced to announce that the May seminar is cancelled.

25 March 2020

The preparations for the May seminar proceed as normal, for now, pending a coming decision from the Kendo federation on 15 April regarding any changes in nation-wide restrictions.

13 March 2020

Effective immediately, due to the corona virus outbreak, the board has decided to suspend all practice, to start with for the rest of March. The AGM is also postponed until a later date.

The examination and competition that were planned for 28 March are also cancelled.

19 February 2020

Here is information about and the application form for this spring's Nordic seminar with Sigurðsson sensei 7 dan kyoshi and Zimmermann sensei 6 dan kyoshi on 23-24 May. Click the download icons in the images below to open the files.

17 February 2020

Here is the invitation to the next kyu examination and the Swedish Cup part 2 on 28 March. Click the download icon in the image below to open the PDF file.

3 February 2020

The spring Nordic seminar with Sigurðsson sensei 7 dan kyoshi and Zimmermann sensei 6 dan kyoshi will be held 23-24 May. Note the date in your calendar! Invitiations will be sent out shortly.

23 January 2020

A new year and a new term! The same practice hours as usual—Wednesdays 8.00pm-10.00pm and Fridays 6.30pm-9.30pm.