12 December 2013:

Click the images below for the latest information about the seminars, examinations and World Championships in Paris in July 2014. More detailed information about the examinations och application forms will follow later.

9 December 2013:

Be sure to join the final class before the Christmas break on Friday 13 december in Johannesbäcksskolan for some relaxed and fun-filled special practice!

9 December 2013:

Pictures from the Bosön seminar are uploaded to the gallery.

30 November 2013:

Congratulations to our new grade holders: Klas Jönsson and Chris Sjögren, 3 kyu!

17 November 2013:

Congratulations to Per Ybo who passed the examination for shodan in Japan!

29 October 2013:

The next beginners class for the autumn term begins Friday 8 November. More info here.

28 October 2013:

Pictures from this year's Swedish National Championships can be found in the gallery.

19 October 2013:

Congratulations to Knut Högvall who won the silver medal at this year's national Swedish championships. Congratulations also to Knut, Uwe Klosa and Per Ybo who carried home the team bronze medal! There was a tie-break for the individual gold medal, where Laszlo Hennyey from Seikyukai won. There was also a four-way tie-break for the bronze medal. When the dust settled, only Tommy Radesäter from Seikyukai was left standing. The team gold medal went to Seikyukai 1 and the silver medal to Seikyukai 2.

3 October 2013:

It is time to register for the annual autumn seminar with Ray Dolphin sensei, 6 dan kyoshi, at Bosön on 23-24 November. You can find more information and the registration form by clicking the images below.

24 September 2013:

A few pictures are uploaded from our highly successful demonstration in the Botanical Gardens during the Kulturnatten event in Uppsala.

8 September 2013:

Congratulations to our new grade holders: Jörgen Falk 1 kyu, Johan Andersson 2 kyu, and Isabel Rivero Badiola, Christian Rick, Elisabeth Linnér and Philip Mattsson 3 kyu!

6 September 2013:

The Swedish National Kyudo Championships are hosted by Issha Kyudo Kai again this year, in the B hall at Fyrishov Saturday 19 October. Click the image below for more information. You can find a link to the event poster here.

The event is open to the public - free admission!

23 August 2013:

The next national kyu grade examination will be held at the Seikyukai dojo in Stockholm on Sunday 8 September. Click the image below for more information:

20 August 2013:

Soon it's time for the annual culture festival Kulturnatten 2013 in Uppsala. The club conducts demonstrations on Saturday 14 September in the Botanical Gardens at 1pm-5pm. Last year's demonstration was an unmitigated success, with members being interviewed for both newspapers and TV. Let's hope for equally clement weather this year.

12 August 2013:

The next beginners class for the autumn term begins Friday 20 September. More info here.

5 August 2013:

Autumn term is here! Our regular practice starts again Friday 16 August in Johannesbäcksskolan. Be there!

5 August 2013:

Seminar in Copenhagen 14-15 September with Liam O'Brien 7 dan kyoshi. Click the image for more information.

18 July 2013:

Congratulations to our new dan grade holders: Monica Lundström 2 dan, Anna Kviselius 1 dan and
Uwe Klosa 1 dan!

3 June 2013:

Congratulations to our new grade holders: Anna Kviselius 1 kyu and Jörgen Falk 2 kyu!

27 May 2013:

The EKF Taikai 2013 in Amsterdam is over. No luck for Sweden and the Swedish this time around - 10th place in the team competition, and no Swede made it to the individual finals. Better luck next time! But we can be happy for Swedish kyudo's shidosha, Ray Dolphin sensei, who finished 4th in the individual competition!

29 April 2013:

The annual spring seminar in Uppsala with Dolphin sensei, 6 dan kyoshi, is over, and much too quickly.

5 April 2013:

Lots of new pictures are added, bringing us up to date. :)

4 April 2013:

The club will perform a number of demonstrations during the Storcon event 28-30 June. Click the image below for more information.

4 April 2013:

The EKF Taikai 2013 is approaching! Will Sweden defend its gold medal? The tension is palpable!

Click the image to visit the official homepage of the EKF Kyudo Taikai 2013.

27 March 2013:

The annual Scandinavian spring seminar is coming up! As usual, Ray Dolphin sensei, 6 dan kyoshi will be instructing, and the date is set to 27-28 April. We will be in Gamlishallen in Uppsala again, and all Uppsala members will help make sure the seminar is a success!

You can find complete information by clicking the image below.


24 March 2013:

Congratulations to our new grade holders: Anna Kviselius 2 kyu, and Uwe Klosa and Per Ybo 1 kyu!

Click here to see a video of the 1 kyu examination.

23 March 2013:

Emma and Knut participated at the AGM of the Swedish Kendo Federation in Stockholm, where Knut was elected to the board as national kyudo representative, taking the reins after Sara, who now has a little baby to take care of.

17 March 2013:

Emma and Knut visited the Linköping club for a day of practice and instruction.

13 March 2013:

The AGM of Issha Kyudo Kai was held on Tuesday 12 March. The biggest news is that, since the club has grown tremendously (Issha is now the largest kyudo club in Sweden!), it was decided to increase the size of the board from three to five members. For the coming year, the board consists of the chairman Knut Högvall and the members Emma Angberg, Monica Lundström, Johan Andersson and Jörgen Falk.

19 February 2013:

Issha Kyudo Kai - Uppsala Budoklubb is one of four clubs that has been nominated as Club of the Year at the national Swedish Martial Arts Awards 2013! The winner will be announced at a ceremony on 23 March.

11 February 2013:

Spring term's Scandinavian seminar is approaching. Instructing, as usual, will be Ray Dolphin sensei, 6 dan kyoshi, and the date is set to 27-28 April. More information will follow shortly.

10 February 2013:

The next national seminar will be held on 24 March, in Bolandsskolan in Uppsala. The seminar will be led by instructors from Seikyukai in Stockholm, and is open for all members of all clubs in the country—from rubber bow beginners to 28 meter shooters. It will also be possible to take kyu examinations for those members who are recommended by their club instructors. Complete information can be found in the PDF that is opened when you click the image below.


9 January 2013:

The next beginners class for the spring term begins Friday 15 March. More info here.

21 January 2013:

The dan grade certificates from the examination in Paris have arrived! Congratulations to all!

8 January 2013:

Spring term starts Tuesday 15 January in the Flogsta dojo!

8 January 2013:

The first beginners class for the spring term begins Friday 25 January. More info here.